Quick Start

The included help files contain a wealth of information on using MakerPlot-J (MPJ), including Quick Start information. This page will cover a few features of common interest.

The software installed with several sketches for testing MPJ with the Arduino and the Parallax Propeller. These can be opened from the Folder Menu–>Micro Code Folder. Simply download the code to your microcontroller and test with an appropriate installed interface.

Send Analog data for plotting as CSV values, such as: 10,30,50.5 and MPJ will plot the data once connected. For the Arduino:

  // send analog data as num,num CR or LF
 Serial.println(","); // end of line with LF  

Send digital plotting on a digital plot or the analog plot (see analog plot’s pop-up menu) as %1010

  // Send digital values starting with %, ending with LF or CR
 Serial.println(stir);  // End line with LF

Construct an Interface for monitoring and logging. F9 to enter Edit mode, F2 to open Control’s Palette. Choose Controls and place.

The meter, named ‘met’, may be updated through code:


Or, the meter may have its automatic update value set to an incoming analog value though it’s pop-up menu (Data Source) or through its properties window (F3) in the Update Value.

Event Code for controls use MPJ’s scripting instructions to perform some action when a control is triggered, such as a high alarm.

MPJ Supports a wide range of drawing instructions to draw on plots, interface back grounds or Canvas Controls.

Perform math on values directly or using the Data Modifier. Math operations are defined enclosing in { }.