#1 Basics of Analog Plot

Basic overview of analog data and features of the analog plot.
16 minutes.

#2 MakerPlot-J Menus

This video provides a look the various menus on MPJ and how to perform various functions.
15 minutes.

#3 MPJ Values, Configuring Analog Plot Channels and Math Operations

This video discusses reading and using values and properties in MPJ for setting analog channels, meters, etc. Also demonstrates basic math operations on data.
18 minutes

#4 Developing an Interface Introduction

This video introduces developing your own interface for data acquisition or just as a standalone GUI.
30 Minutes

#5 Installed Interfaces Overview

This video is an overview of the installed interfaces and some other features that were previously discussed in general, but includes INTERACTIVE Control with the controller.
34 Minutes

Assign a sphere as the background image of the Canvas control if you’d like to have the circle moving “inside” a sphere.

#6 GUI ONLY Calculator
Demonstrates creating a GUI by designing a calculator. Shows how to set and read controls and other things of note. No microcontroller needed.

#7 Plotting from 2 Serial Sources
Demonstrates how to add a second Serial Control to an interface and how to code MPJ and source data for proper plotting. Also touches on logging the data.
NOTE: The data lockups experienced in the video have been correct.

#8 – Industrial HMI
This example demonstrates the installed HMI Example for monitoring and controlling an industrial environment. In the micro code folder of the installation is the HMI Simulator which the interface interacts with to simulate a system’s operation.