+ Easily send analog ASCII Serial data from a microcontroller for plotting, monitoring or logging formatted as comma-separated, such as 10, 20, 30.

+ Digital plotting, logging and indicating by sending formatted data as %11010

+ Mixed Mode plotting – Analog Plots support 10 analog and 10 digital channels.

+ High level plotting features such as disabling certain channels, performing simple measurements, performing math on incoming data, saving and loading data sets or taking snapshot images.

+ Plots can be continuous, single sweep or repeating sweeps.

+ Analog Plots allow for time-based, XY plots, bars and logarithmic Y-Axis choices.

+ Perform drawing operations on plots, interfaces and canvas controls.

+ Meters allow setpoints and alarms and can easily be configured for the data to be monitored.

+ Logging Controls allow saving data to files, such as txt or CSV.

+ Send control instructions to MakerPlot-J to operate on the environment or controls.

+ Interactive control with the microcontroller – program the microcontroller to read a control value from the plot.

+ Use the distributed interfaces, find one online you like, or ask a developer to create a specialized one for you – or MAKE your own! We do provide consulting services for the development of specialized interfaces for your needs.

+ Installs with Arduino example code for monitoring and interactive control. Code examples for other families will be added later.

+ Very extensive reference file with ‘Quick Start’ to get you up and plotting.

If you do wish to develop or MAKE your own interface, MakerPlot-J allows the rapid development of them.

  • Pick and Place controls from the extensive collection.
  • Drag and size to position.
  • Edit properties of controls easily.
  • Automatically update values of controls with simplicity.
  • Write MakerPlot-J instructions with contextual help.
  • Trigger code based on events.
  • Use your own images for controls, backgrounds, etc.
  • Distribute your developed interfaces packaged with your own media if used.