Please note, this software is still in beta. You will be notified by the software of updates that are available for download. Major work remaining is adding features to the digital plot and fine tuning the installed reference files, and various bug as they are reported.

Test for 30 days for free – Limit of 10-minute continuous serial connection and 5 controls can be saved in an interface file. See Purchase menu for FREE home license information.

Our installer DOES NOT contain anything other than the software and support files – no ad-ware, etc.

Version 0.99926 Beta – February 17th, 2024

64-Bit Windows

64-Bit Linux

The installer has been reported to have issues installing with a “not in gzip format”. Investigating.

The below version is a compressed .tar.gz which has been tested to run successfully on an x86 Debian install. Execute MakerPlot-J (no extension) in the root of the directory.