All Licenses are currently Development Licenses in that they may be used to modify or develop interfaces.

This license may be used only by home users for non-commercial, personal purposes. It may NOT be used in businesses, companies, industry or educational institutions. This license may NOT be used at home for commercial or for-profit purposes.

We want this software to be affordable and used by home users for whatever reason, such as science experiments, home monitoring, learning, etc. We are making the development version affordable for a range of users and intended uses. We hope that adults, students, teens will use their imagination in coming up with interesting uses with the graphics and other capabilities.

Use of this license will cause reminders during operation of the software that it is for personal-home use only. The manner of these reminders may be adjusted from time to time.


Standard Developer’s License………. $89.95 USD
Single Developer’s License for plotting, logging, monitoring and developing/modifying interfaces. This license is for companies, industry, educational institutions and commercial use and for-profit home use. Direct Email support and 1 hour of consulting services are included.


Laboratory Multi-Computer Developers License………. $599.95 USD
Allows use on a number of computers in a single room, such as a school computer lab. This is a developer’s license.


Site License………. $999.95 USD
Allows use on any number of computers in a single business or school within a 30-mile geographical radius.