MakerPlot-J is still in beta, though nearly completed. The major work to be completed involves improving the features of the digital plot and the cleaning up the reference files for recent changes. Currently all licenses are being offered at lower-price then the anticipated final release price.

“Final” release (Non-Beta) is anticipated by: April 1st, 2024

A Developer’s License allow you to modify the MakerPlot-J Interface or create a new one from scratch using pick-and-place controls, etc., and to SAVE the file to be opened by you or another.

A Non-Developer’s License allows you to modify your interface or test making one from scratch, but you CANNOT SAVE the interface file.

Single Non-Developer’s User License: $19.95
Allows plotting, logging, monitoring, saving of interface settings (control values and properties), but NOT saving a developed/modified interface.


Single User Developer’s License: $39.95 USD
Single Developer’s License for plotting, logging, monitoring and developing/modifying interfaces.


Laboratory Multi-Computer Developers License: $399.95 USD
Allows use on a number of computers such as a school computer lab. This is a developer’s license. No upgrades available from MakerPlot Licenses.



Upgrade License from Original MakerPlot License: $19.95 USD
Developer’s License – For those with a prior MakerPlot License, we will verify your Email and send you a new registration code.